Feature videos

Part 1: Managing patients

This 10-minute video introduces you to most of the features that team members would use when collaborating on patient care:

  • adding a patient
  • adding notes
  • recording actions or tasks
  • referring to another team
  • hand over to another user
  • discharging from a team

Part 2: Managing flow

Explore this 3.5-minute video to see how organisational administrators can use an overview to manage flow by:

  • reviewing team workloads
  • updating patient statuses and locations
  • reviewing all patients with a particular status
  • monitoring actions across teams and the organisation
  • reviewing timelines for individual patients

Part 3: Team information

In just 4 minutes, this video shows how teams can create shared information to better manage collaboration in the same manner as handover sheets:

  • adding information categories
  • viewing team information
  • printing out a team list
  • reviewing information entered by other teams
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