The CAREFUL platform

CAREFUL enhances EPR and HIS systems,
enables coordinated care across internal and external boundaries,
and improves continuity of care and population health outcomes.

The problem

Current patient management systems create coordination silos.

Population health outcomes, especially from the burden of long complex chronic conditions, continue to decline.

Primary, secondary, tertiary, and allied community services lack a common collaboration platform to coordinate continuity of care for this burden.

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The consequence

There’s an increasing burden of chronic disease over time, with higher rates of hospitalisations, emergency department visits, and readmissions for patients with chronic conditions.

The solution

CAREFUL addresses the issue of real-time coordination within and across organisations. It allows individuals and teams to collaborate on patient cohorts, swiftly coordinate tasks and crucial next steps, and provides a clear understanding of current events, upcoming necessities, and accountability.



Is available on any device, replacing informal and insecure methods clinicians use during transitions, handovers, and referrals.

It amplifies the standard and single-institution hospital, clinic, and homecare patient management software by offering a shared, current, and forward view of care.

It can be used across facilities with varied EPR/HIS systems and promotes a distinctive layer of cross-facility collaboration in healthcare.


Assign, prioritise, and manage actions and tasks by patient and teams.

It can track and oversee both unscheduled and long-term care, facilitate responsibility handovers, such as during shift changes, enhance efficient and safe care, and optimise resource management.


Secure (compliant with GDPR and HIPAA), affordable, easily interoperable, quickly implementable, adaptable, robust, and scalable.

It integrates seamlessly through FHIR, HL7, or an open API and can be accessed on various devices without local data storage.

Hosted on Microsoft Azure in local data centers, it meets data residency requirements. Users can onboard effortlessly via SMS and ‘wall’ teams ensure security. It’s broadly used in various healthcare sectors across countries.

The core functions of CAREFUL

An action-focused approach

By enriching the patient’s record and current status with a forward view, CAREFUL answers two critical questions: What is happening next? Who is responsible?

Every patient is assigned a forward-looking care plan including who is responsible for each action and by when. This creates single-point accountability for tasks within clinical teams.

CAREFUL monitors progress against plan, allowing shared visibility of tasks past, present and future for every individual, team and organisation involved in the patient’s care.

Safe and efficient handover

CAREFUL users can send, receive and share responsibility for patient care during peer-to-peer handover, internal referrals, discharges and transfers between organisations. 

Patient safety is improved because nothing is lost or forgotten.


Seamless and secure referrals

Patient information is added, reviewed and updated at every transition of care to ensure a complete and continuous health story across care settings. 

Caregivers contribute to the story as the patient moves between community care, hospital, teams and home or back into community care. Patients are invited to access and contribute to their own record.

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