About us

A word from our founder

Error and patient harm are shamefully common in healthcare. This is not the fault of the practitioners who struggle every day to keep patients safe. It is the inadequacy, poverty and poor design of the systems which surround them.

Like so many, I have personally seen and been affected by poor communication in healthcare. As a practitioner, I came perilously close to killing a child because of an out-of-date insulin protocol; as a relative, I saw my mother take months to recover because a hospital forgot to instigate a fluid-balance chart; and as a patient myself, my past medical history was inaccurately recorded during a pre-op assessment.

Every member of my team – and almost all staff and patients with whom I speak – have similar stories to tell, most, thankfully telling of near-misses rather than significant harm.

I have spent many years as a senior practitioner and more lately as a hospital leader, trying to address patient safety through improved protocols, cultural development and systems implementation.

My team and I are now dedicating our time to creating a platform which addresses what we believe to be one of the most important, and
least well-addressed risks to patient safety: handover.

CAREFUL is a platform which promotes task-based accountability and visibility in the planning of care. We believe that this will help practitioners to provide the right care at the right time to the right patient, every time.

Core team

Dr DJ Hamblin-Brown

Founder & CEO

David Wright

Director AsiaPac & MENA

Simon Shearston

Chief Technology Officer

Shane McKeown

Medical Director UK & Ireland

Jenny Davidson

Director of Governance & Compliance

Gbenga Afolabi

Clinical Advisor

Nhlanhla Ndlovu

Director Southern Africa

Gina Shearston

Head of User Engagement

Tom Kobialka

Lead Develepor

Jonny Stoten

Lead Developer