Use Cases

CAREFUL is designed from the ground up to support the complete patient health journey.

This means not only giving support and clinical oversight when a patient is admitted in an acute setting, but following them out to community teams, regional specialists and primary care.

Rather than adding more complexity to the system, CAREFUL’s primary use case is knitting together the many unique systems and silos of information relating to each patient.

Regardless of setting, CAREFUL works to provide a more efficient, safe and fully informed patient journey.

Managing unscheduled medical admissions

From the onset of medical intake to the eventual discharge, Withybush Hospital in Wales has fully integrated CAREFUL into its medical intake and care. 

The platform’s agility is on full display, catering to a multitude of medical scenarios and patient needs. 

CAREFUL seamlessly ties together various stages of patient care, ensuring continuity and eliminating the potential slowdowns during busy on-call.

Today, clinicians are able to carry out specialty referrals and team handover without relying on faxes or notes scribbled onto handover sheets.

Multi-site ITU/HDU handover

Multidisciplinary teams across different settings can use CAREFUL remotely to collaborate on challenging and complex cases.

By using CAREFUL to structure and monitor key elements of patient pathways, Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells ITU and HDU teams can reduce errors while coordinating urgent care in real time, regardless of physical location.

Clinical & non-clinical coordination

Abberfield is an aged care facility in Victoria, Australia that provides medical and allied health professional care and activities that need multidisciplinary coordination and oversight.

For the first time, CAREFUL allows staff to have a real-time, shared oversight of 100+ elderly residents.

Critical tasks are now securely registered and completed, with key information readily available to not only care stuff but the wider treatment team and visiting specialists.

Medical officer & nursing coordination

Cromwell Hospital, a part of the renowned BUPA network, saw a significant enhancement in its primary medical ward operations with the adoption of CAREFUL. 

Initially used by the nursing staff, CAREFUL streamlined their duties, from routine patient checks to more intricate clinical coordination. 

By integrating CAREFUL, the hospital ensured a unified platform where nurses could access, share, and update patient information on-the-go, fostering a more patient-centric approach and ensuring that every patient’s needs are promptly addressed.


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