Revolutionising communication
in handover

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The problem with handover

Healthcare professionals take the risk of handover seriously. Errors are avoided because of their commitment and focus on patient safety.

But the systems in which they operate are letting them down.

Sticky notes, whiteboards and handover sheets – even when supported by EPR systems– do not adequately support effective communication during handover.

And poor communication is a huge problem.

A safe and efficient solution

The CAREFUL platform is a revolutionary communication tool that enables collaboration within and between teams through shared visibility of
tasks and unambiguous accountability for actions.

All relevant tasks in a patient’s care can be planned, tracked, recorded, shared and handed over between individuals, teams and organisations. Everything is easily accessed on a desktop, tablet or mobile.

Patient safety is improved because nothing is lost or forgotten.


poor communication and handover


CAREFUL provides you with a list of required actions recorded against each patient. This shared care-plan creates single-point accountability for clinical actions.


CAREFUL shows you exactly which members of each multi-disciplinary team are responsible for the patient’s care. This provides visibility over who is looking after the patient right now.


CAREFUL enables you to send, receive and share responsibility for patient care safely and confidentially, allowing for seamless peer-to-peer handover, auditable internal referrals and highly visible discharge planning.


With improved patient safety at its core, the CAREFUL platform creates more efficient ways of working for healthcare practitioners and delivers real financial and operational returns for healthcare institutions.

Less risks and lower costs

CAREFUL automatically audits patient flow so problems can easily be identified and resolved.

The people responsible for patient flow – managers and leaders – can get a snapshot of the whole hospital, in real time.

They can then coordinate with care teams to improve patient flow, cutting down on costly delays for hospitals and reducing the risks associated with lengthy stays for patients.


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Track every patient journey

CAREFUL allows you to assign a status to each patient showing where they are in their journey from ‘awaiting admission’ to ‘discharged’.

Managers and leaders can see the plans for each individual patient and how they relate to the patient’s overall journey.

Improve discharge planning

CAREFUL replaces a patchwork of inadequate, informal and manual systems with a single user-friendly platform.

All the actions required to discharge a patient are visible and clear – with point accountability across the entire multi-disciplinary team.

Poor communication and handover

Secure and scalable software

The CAREFUL platform is a turnkey solution to a harmful problem, available through easy and affordable subscription.

It is easy to implement and addresses governance concerns with industry standard privacy and data controls.

Importantly, implementation of the CAREFUL platform within organisations is scalable without relying on any internal IT support.


Scale at your own pace

Start by implementing CAREFUL with a single team, radically improving peer-to-peer handover.

As your needs grow you can add other teams, departments and wards to streamline internal referrals. When multiple organisations adopt CAREFUL, your discharges and transfers become seamless.

Ensure information governance

CAREFUL is hosted on Microsoft servers, protected by end-to-end encryption, securing patient data from within and without.

Because CAREFUL is an API-driven platform, it integrates easily with existing EPR systems. Data can be moved both to and from legacy
systems, safely and securely.