Patient tracking and
handover for multi-disciplinary clinical teams

What our customers say

CAREFUL brings clinical task management and handover into the 21st century, replacing cumbersome paper lists with an elegant electronic solution.

Dr Ross Thomson
Cardiologist, Royal Free Hospital  

The junior doctors were keen to use the platform. The adoption leap was small even with minimal instruction.

Dr Johann Grundlingh
ICU Consultant, Barts Healthcare

CAREFUL has the capacity to transform completely our ability to communicate between clinicians in different teams – even across different time-zones.

Aaron Deemer
Director, Glowfund

The platform is easy to use and intuitive. The aesthetics look good and are professional

NHS Trainee Doctor

Reduce handover risks.

 Handing over the responsibility for patients between individual clinicians and between teams is always fraught with error. Existing ‘legacy’ systems deal with this poorly. As a result, healthcare staff likely use unofficial systems – including spreadsheets and word-processing documents.

CAREFUL eliminates the need for manually-maintained handover sheets 


Track clinical tasks

There is a list of required actions recorded against each patient. – the outline clinical plan – that tells everyone what is happening, irrespective of which team they are in. 

This ‘single-version-of-the-truth’ creates single-point accountability for clinical actions.

Know who is responsible

Each user has their list of My Patients. This  means that each patient is has a list of users who are responsible for their care.

This allows everyone to know who is looking after the patient right now.

Handover patient tasks securely

At the end of each shift, users can handover to each other. This system of ‘send and recieve’ transfers responsibility for the patient. With that responsibility, the systems transfers relevant tasks

Patient safety is improved because it means that nothing ever gets lost.

Share care between clinical teams

Patients can also be referred and transferred between teams, allowing for shared care and a single source of truth for clincial planning and task management. Teams can be for different specialties, location based or risk focused (eg hospital-at-night).

Each team gets to see information entered and maintained by other teams.

Improve patient flow.

When all teams maintain and share their own list, everyone can see what is happening to a patient, in real time. 

The people responsible for patient flow – managers and leaders – can see the plans for each individual patient and how they relate to the patient’s overall journey.

With this information, they can coordinate with care teams to solve problems with patient flow.



Record a status for every patient

Each patient is assigned a status, which represents their position on their journey. This could be ‘waiting admission’, ‘admitted’ or ‘awaiting discharge’. 

With these statuses, it is easy to get a snapshot of the whole hospital.

View teams at a glance

Team can be by location, speciality  or by function. ‘Ward 5,  ‘Orthopaedics’ or ‘Hospital at night’ – the choice is yours, and is completely flexible..

By looking at the patients in the care of a particular team, you can see the overall state of play.

Track and follow the patient

With CAREFUL, it is no longer necessary to maintain separate whiteboards and bed lists. All the information is available on a desktop PC, or in mobile view on tablet or phone.

Improve discharge planning

Our task-focused, future-orientated features ensure that all the actions required to discharge a patient are visible and clear – with point accountability across the entire multi-disciplinary team.

With CAREFUL, the single-version-of-the-truth, reduces the risks of patient discharge and handover.

Make life easier.

CAREFUL is designed for ease of use and ease of implementation.

CAREFUL has adopted a mobile-first approach to patient handover lists, encouraging safe care through better information management.

But the design also ensures you can implement step-wise and at your own pace.  


Subscribe to Software as a Service

CAREFUL is intended to be an immediately useable solution to a pernicious problem. So we have made subscription easy and affordable.

Most importantly, this makes the solution scalable without recourse to any internal IT support. 

Eliminate paper

The intention of the CAREFUL product is to eliminate the need for manually maintained clinical handover lists – which can be left in the canteen or on a bus.

With our beautifully designed front-end, our software is the best bet for your paper-lite strategy.

Implement one-step-at-a-time

CAREFUL eliminates the need for a big top-down ‘go-live’ date. You can implement CAREFUL with one team initially.

As your needs grown, and users gain confidence, you can spread to other teams, departments and wards. Once everyone is connected, the benefits accrue across the whole organisation.   

Replace the whiteboard (and the clipboard)

With CAREFUL, it is no longer necessary to maintain separate whiteboards and bed lists. All the information is available on a desktop PC, or in mobile view on tablet or phone.

You can leave the clipboard in the office (next to the whiteboard).