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An evolving 360° view of every patient’s journey including pertinent history, current status and future plans.

CAREFUL focuses on the patient journey

An evolving 360° view of every patient’s needs, status and associated tasks. CAREFUL co-highlights and co-ordinates the actions that will ensure that patients move seamlessly along their journey, identifying and unblocking the bottlenecks and ensuring no care is forgotten and unnecessary delays are avoided.

Patient Flow Hospital
population health outcomes

A platform to support the safe and frictionless care of cohorts of patients within and across any healthcare setting. 

CAREFUL connects multidisciplinary teams

CAREFUL reduces the complexity and fragmentation of coordination and loss to follow up for patients needing ongoing oversight by many teams, such as those with chronic diseases, the elderly, and patients in maternal and neonatal care.

CAREFUL allows multiple providers and specialists in and across any setting – primary, secondary, tertiary, home, private or public, or geography, to collaborate securely on one common platform, focusing on the important next steps in their patients’ long-term treatment plans

A communication tool that rapidly digitises handover sheets. Built by clinicians, CAREFUL enables seamless collaboration, shared visibility and clear accountability.

CAREFUL supports staff and patients

CAREFUL is a digital health platform that focuses on the need for clear task and patient-list management during handovers of care.

CAREFUL supports the safe and frictionless movement and handover of patients within and across care settings. It provides multidisciplinary teams with a constantly updated, holistic view of the patient’s journey, current status and future tasks.

Careful Task Management
Careful Safe Handover

A platform to support the safe and frictionless movement of patients within and across healthcare settings.

CAREFUL reduces the risk of avoidable harm

‘Leak-free’ handover and referral workflows reduce the risk of avoidable patient harm by ensuring that no task or critical patient information is mislaid. CAREFUL’s full transaction log improves the auditability of adverse events.

An international team of healthcare and IT experts with a proven implementation approach.

CAREFUL facilitates change

CAREFUL’s international team of healthcare and IT experts bring a proven implementation approach and ensure that your changes are embedded. No digital health tool provides benefits without changes to behaviour and processes. Ensuring such changes are undertaken in a compassionate and focused manner is critical to success.

“CAREFUL … could be one of the most important apps ever created.”

iMore Magazine 29 June 2022

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