A harmful problem

There is no denying that clinicians take the risk of handover seriously. Errors are avoided because of their commitment and focus on patient safety. 

But the systems in which they operate are letting them down. In fact, 80% of serious incidents in hospitals are due to failures in handover.

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A simple solution

When clinicians have insufficient information, they are forced to make decisions in semi-darkness. We designed CAREFUL to light their way; to provide visibility and illumination.

CAREFUL replaces the need for sticky notes, whiteboards or handover sheets and enhances EPR/EHS systems with a single user-friendly platform. 

All relevant tasks in a patient’s care can be planned, tracked, recorded, shared and handed over using a desktop, mobile or tablet.

Accountability, visibility, collaboration

CAREFUL provides a list of required actions recorded against each patient. This shared care plan creates single-point accountability for clinical actions.

Clinicians can see exactly which members of each multi-disciplinary team are responsible for the patient’s care. This provides visibility over who is looking after the patient right now.

CAREFUL enables clinicians to send, receive and share responsibility for patient care safely and confidentially during peer-to peer handover, internal referrals, discharges

Patient safety is improved because nothing is lost or forgotten.

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