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With improved patient safety at its core, the CAREFUL platform creates more efficient ways of working that deliver real financial and operational returns for healthcare organisations.

The platform meets the needs of clinicians while ensuring efficiency and good governance in the delivery of care.


There is no denying that clinicians take the risk of handover seriously. But the systems in which they operate are letting them down.

When clinicians have insufficient information, they are forced to make decisions in semi-darkness. We designed CAREFUL to light their way; to provide visibility and illumination.

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IT teams

CAREFUL is a turnkey software solution, available through easy and affordable subscription.

Implementation is supported by our transformation services team and scaled across the organisation at your own pace.

Patients and families

The CAREFUL app extends communication of past, current and future health information and plans to the patient, their family members and caregivers. 

This empowers them to collaborate with clinicians, providing comfort and assurance that no care will be forgotten.

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