Our transformation service

People, your staff, are the core of your organisation. Enabling digital transformation to improve decision-making must begin and end with each person. Change and improvement are achieved by the individual. Patient care and improving that care is an individual service delivered at scale.

CAREFUL is a platform that enables better decision making, and to achieve this benefit, our transformation approach builds a robust, resilient process that improves communication and efficiency. In short, we help you improve the pace, efficiency, safety and scale of your services.

Our tranformation service 2

The CAREFUL transformation process

The CAREFUL transformation process begins by helping your staff become aware of how they work together and how responsibility for a patient is transferred. By establishing the importance of responsibility, we know who will make a decision and when they should make it. Making better decisions sooner leads to organisational efficiency and reduced risk.

Our transformation team is multidisciplinary – skilled to engage with staff in all areas of your organisation. By understanding what change is required, we support you in creating a transformation that has a lasting organisational impact. We can measure this impact with the improvement of your key performance indicators where we will see a reduction in staff sickness from stress and a reduction in staff churn. Safety and efficiency indicators will improve, and your team will collaborate at pace because the core decisions about patient responsibility are understood.

The end result of the CAREFUL transformation process is that your team will have a greater understanding of decision-making and more efficient and clearer patient handover processes. Your patient workflows will be integrated with all your information systems, and your staff will be able to focus on delivering the best care possible and not managing the unknown.

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