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Standard agreements and policies

Dealing with sensitive patient data requires that we are fastidious about privacy. It is also important that we have the right policies and agreements in place with all our clients and users.

User Agreements

There are three agreements which are relevant to all users and organisations using the CAREFUL platform.

If you register an organisation with CAREFUL or you are a user of CAREFUL, you are agreeing to these three standard agreements*

  1. The End User Licence agreement with you. – This document contains the terms and conditions upon which we allow you – as an individual user – to access and operate the system.
  2. Our standard data processing agreement with your organisation. If you are signing-up for the first time, as an organisation, then we will need to take the data about your patients and process it (and protect it) on our own servers. Unless we have agreed a separate agreement – because you or your organisation wants to use its own – then these are the terms upon which we agree to take your data and process it.
  3. Our standard data sharing agreement with your organisation. This agreement explains how we will share the data that we are processing.

* Note: we are happy to enter into client-specific agreements if that is important to your organisation, please get in touch at


For your reference, we also publish here our own policies which form the basis of our own Information governance standards. Among other things, they are required for compliance with the UK Information Commissioners Office (ICO) guidance, and with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  1. Data Protection Policy