Multidisciplinary teams

Virtual wards

Healthcare organisations are discovering new ways of working, facilitated by advances in telehealth and increased penetration of broadband internet. Virtual wards is one of the innovations that is being trialled to help manage patients closer to home. The challenge, though, is getting the ‘EPR closer to home’. Whether during telehealth consults or home visits, it is imperative that critical data is made available to clinical decision-makers.

CAREFUL provides the whole multidisciplinary team with a single view of the most pertinent clinical information and the most up-to-date clinical plan – in the form of task-lists with individual accountability, where actions can be handed over peer-to-peer or team-to-team.

CAREFUL supports keeping patients at home for longer and allows for the seamless management and care from any connected device.

MDT meetings

In-person meetings are becoming more difficult to arrange with the pressures on time and availability of key staff.

CAREFUL allows multidisciplinary teams across different settings to come together and discuss challenging and complex cases without necessarily being in the same place at the same time.

Clinicians and managers can collaborate with ease, sharing auditable opinions and decisions remotely over a defined time period while maintaining quality and compliance. This saves time and money for clinicians and organisations, as well as providing a clear audit trail of decision-making.

Outpatient follow-up

Continuity of care is essential to assure the best outcomes for patients. Patients are often ‘lost to follow-up’ as they frequently make the transition between different care teams (GP, community outreach, hospital outpatient and home).

CAREFUL allows a clear plan to be shared – and followed up – by all those responsible, independent of any inpatient Electronic Patient Record systems. CAREFUL answers the question “What is the next step, and who is responsible?” and by doing so, ensures that patients do not fall ‘below the radar’ and suffer harm as a result.

Pathway digitisation

Evidence-based clinical pathways improve patient outcomes but managing and updating them can be challenging.

CAREFUL can structure and monitor the key elements of patient pathways over hours, days or months using due dates along with a focus on action and accountability to support complex clinical decision-making.

By standardising care according to published clinical guidelines, multidisciplinary teams – even those working across several organisations – can improve patient safety, reduce errors of omission and increase efficiency in patient throughput.

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