Integrated care organisations

Inter-organisational handover

CAREFUL allows intra- and inter-organisational clinical teams to share key information and tasks. All teams involved can see where patients are in their journey, what is happening next and who is responsible.

Collaboration is possible within and between organisations including rehabilitation, in and outpatient settings and home health care. This enables clinicians, patients and their families to stay connected within a trusted ecosystem of care.

Regional care pathways

Sharing concise care summaries, care plans and actions as the patient moves along their journey is a challenge for patients with complex or rare diseases and in cases where care is spread over different settings.

CAREFUL is able to keep track of these complex care scenarios in ways that are both intuitive and easily implemented. Both patients and practitioners can see, in summary, what has happened, what is happening next and who is responsible – without having to access multiple, deep and complex EPR records.

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