Case coordination

One of the more frustrating processes for all stakeholders in a privately insured patient’s journey is when clinical decisions are questioned after the fact. It is equally difficult for insurers seeking to protect their business, for clinicians wishing to maintain their independence and for patients who want their medical bills paid promptly.

By using CAREFUL at the point of care, clinical teams can provide summary information to insurers without giving full access to the medical record. The insurers and clinical team can collaborate over care decisions in real time, improving the speed at which decisions are made and reducing questions when claims are made.

Operations oversight

Some insurers have found it useful to have personnel onsite for the providers with which they work closely. This gives useful oversight, but it is both expensive and, for some providers, intrusive.

CAREFUL allows insurers to collaborate in real time with providers without the need for a physical presence. The provider can enter key information about patients, their condition and decisions with ease. The insurer sees information relating only to their patients, ensuring confidentiality.

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