Healthcare charities

Case coordination

One of the big challenges for international healthcare charities is the need to provide up-to-date and media-rich decision support across both international and organisational boundaries. 

CAREFUL provides a secure platform for charities to discuss and arrange care, replacing inefficient and limiting email communication with user-friendly task-management and the functionality to pose and answer questions.

International collaboration in action

We worked with GlowFund, a charity that provides international assistance to children with severe orthopaedic deformities. Their clinical and administrative staff used CAREFUL to collaborate on patient notes, reports, test results and opinions. 

Patient care was supported throughout their journey by securely sharing confidential information instantly, without the need for messy and insecure email trails.

CAREFUL enabled GlowFund staff to discuss and arrange care from places as far apart as San Francisco, Beijing, London and Kabul.

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