Community care organisations

Hospital-at-home services

More patients are now being cared for in their own homes, often with visits by staff from multiple organisations. EPRs rarely stretch to working outside the hospital gates, let alone collaborating across different agencies.

With CAREFUL, staff can care for patients in their own home and collaborate with other caregivers from different organisations on a clear view of care. Each group of caregivers can ensure seamless handover of future tasks and access concise retrospective notes.

CAREFUL can provide backward-integration with multiple legacy systems so that the patient record is maintained. And our patient and family app can provide visibility to those who are most involved in the care of the patient.

Social and domiciliary care

In most cases, social care is provided by a variety of agencies in the patient’s home. The staff providing that care change from day to day and are themselves often rushed, making short visits for specific purposes. 

Only CAREFUL offers the degree of task accountability and handover that is necessary for continuity of care in these circumstances. CAREFUL is also the only platform that delivers interoperability with healthcare systems from which the patient may have been discharged.