Acute care hospitals

Hospital care is complex, multifaceted and multidisciplinary. The use of informal systems and handover processes in hospitals contribute to patient safety incidents and poor flow. 

CAREFUL allows clinical teams to share and prioritise key information and tasks relevant to the status of patients, ensuring no care is forgotten and reducing expensive delays.

It works alongside and complements the base Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system to model the flow and relationships within and between teams as the patient progresses through their journey.  

Hospitals can use CAREFUL to plan discharge more effectively and access a holistic view of patient flow to identify and address problem areas.



Current informal systems at points of handover result in poor communication and compromise outcomes for patients and staff. 

CAREFUL is a secure digital platform available on mobile, desktop or tablet where all relevant tasks in a patient’s care can be planned, tracked, recorded, shared and handed over between accountable individuals and teams. Nothing is forgotten and patient safety is improved.

Patient flow and discharge planning

Audits and whole-hospital views available in CAREFUL allow leaders to understand and resolve issues with workflow throughout the patient journey. This enables hospitals to manage patient flow more efficiently, reducing costly delays, right-sizing length of stay and use of resources. 

Hospitals can use CAREFUL’s task management functionality to move discharges to earlier in the day. Shifting the S-Curve in this way, leaves beds free for the influx of new patients and reduces delays at the front door.

Community outreach

Clinicians often work away from the hospital visiting patients at home; for example in community midwifery, chronic disease follow-up, hospital at home and social care. 

These clinicians can use CAREFUL in conjunction with our patient and family app to save time, improve accuracy of recording and coordinate care at home. Digitised notes, records and care plans on the CAREFUL patient and family app ensure that action items, including returns for tests and procedures, can be easily tracked and followed up on by care providers.

Family communication

Hospitals can use the CAREFUL patient and family app to extend communication of key notes, records and action plans to the patient, their family members and caregivers. 

Health histories, care plans and reminders for future care are made accessible, which increases engagement and trust. Patients and families are empowered to collaborate with clinicians and get a full understanding of care as it is happening.

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