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Acute care hospitals

CAREFUL allows clinical teams within hospitals to share and prioritise key information and tasks relevant to the past, present and future status of patients.

The platform works alongside and complements the base EPR system, streamlining patient flow, reducing expensive delays and improving patient safety.

Multidisciplinary teams

Multidisciplinary teams across different settings can use CAREFUL remotely to collaborate on challenging and complex cases.

By using CAREFUL to structure and monitor key elements of patient pathways, teams can reduce errors of omission and increase efficiency in patient throughput.

Care home

Care homes

Multiple staff members can collaborate on the care of residents with  retrospective and forward-looking information stored, updated and visible within CAREFUL.

A resident’s record of care can be shared directly with acute care hospitals through CAREFUL or with loved ones through our patient and family app.

Integrated care organisations

CAREFUL enables caregivers within and between organisations as well as home health care to share key information and tasks.

This enables clinicians, patients and their families to stay connected within a trusted ecosystem of care.

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Community care organisations

CAREFUL makes hospital at home services safer by ensuring seamless handover between teams from multiple organisations.

Only CAREFUL offers the degree of task accountability, handover and interoperability needed for continuity in social and domiciliary care.

Healthcare charities

CAREFUL provides a secure platform for charities to discuss and arrange care across international and organisational borders.

Clinical and administrative staff can use CAREFUL to share patient notes, reports, test results and opinions in a way that is both instant and secure.

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By using CAREFUL at the point of care, clinical teams can provide summary information to insurers without giving full access to the medical record.

CAREFUL allows insurers to collaborate in real time with providers without the need for onsite personnel