Introduction Part 1:
Managing Patients

This 10 minute video gives a brief introduction to most of the features of the platform that would be used by team members when collaborating on patient care:

  • adding a patient
  • adding notes
  • recording actions or tasks
  • referring to another team
  • handover to another user
  • discharging from a team

Introduction Part 2:
Managing Flow

This 4m video shows how organisational administrators can use an overview to manage flow by:

  • reviewing team workloads
  • updating patient statuses and locations
  • reviewing all patients with a particular status
  • monitoring actions across teams and the organisation
  • reviewing time-lines for individual patients

Introduction Part 3:
Team information

This video shows how teams can create shared information to better manage collaboration in the same manner as handover sheets:

  • adding information categories
  • viewing team information
  • printing out a team list
  • reviewing information entered by other teams

Features lists

Adding teams and team members

System administrators can add new teams and manage membership. Teams can  clinically focused or multi-disciplinary. For instance:

  • Specialist teams (e.g. Paediatrics, Cardiology)
  • Location teams (e.g. for a ward)
  • Multi-disciplinary teams such as complex patients, hospital at night, quality reviews)

Patient Information

The system allows users to add patients to their team’s list and then to provide:

  • basic demographics
  • status – i.e. position within the patient journey
  • location
  • ownership – who are the managing clinicians
  • risk flags (red/amber/green)
  • Risk reason

Action / task management

Careful allows users who have responsibility for the patient to add actions (tasks) to the future plan.

Each action can have text and attachments which can be added when:

  • opening (starting) the action
  • updating progress
  • closing the outcome (i.e. recording the outcome)


The key feature of CAREFUL is the Handover process, which allows tasks and responsibility to be passed between two individual clinicians.

The process ensures that no actions get lost during transfers of care – whether the patient is moving between individuals at end-of-shift or between teams.

Patient notes

Free text notes can be added at any time. Anyone with access to the patient can see these in time order.

The system can be modified to store structured information.

Team referrals and shared care

Every patient can be cared-for by any number of teams at the same time.

Team members can refer to other teams and accept incoming referrals.

For those team members who are in both teams a ‘refer-and-accept’ system allows for rapid transfer between teams.

Organisational view

The organisational view allows administrators to see patient-flow throughout the organisation, in order to monitor progress for individual patients and teams. 

Team view

The team view allows team leaders to monitor patients and their actions at a glance, giving them an overview of workload within their area of responsibility.

API, interoperability and security

RESTFUL endpoints

The platform is entirely API driven and so can provide data-in and data-out to legacy and other systems.

A full ADT feed will allow the system to remain in sync with EHR systems.


Careful is hosted on Microsoft servers, protected by end-to-end encryption, and designed with privacy in mind.

Our ‘privacy by design’ methods ensure that patient data is secure both from with and without.