What is ‘Patient Status’?

Patient Status allows users to understand quickly where a patient is in their overall journey

Patient Status is a key concept in CAREFUL

Each patient is given an individual status, which represents the stage of their journey through your organisation. It is a way to improve visibility of patient flow within a hospital or other healthcare organisation.

The status of a patient is helpful because it shows everybody what is happening to the patient. Statuses are used as filters in Team View and Organisation View to hep managers identify patients who are all at a particular stage..

Examples of statuses might be:

  • Expected
  • Arrived
  • Reviewed
  • Admitted
  • Ready for Discharge
  • Discharged

The exact statuses that you will see in your organisation may be different from these, because they are configured by your administrator to reflect what happens in your organisation.

What is patient status used for?

Status us used primarily for patient flow management. In particular you can use the status to filter and sort lists of patients in your teams or organisations.

Other statuses

There are three other statuses that you may see. which are standard for all organisations. They are:

  • No Status
  • Deceased
  • Inactive

No Status

“No Status’ means tha the patient has not yet been assigned a status. This can be considered to be the same as an unknown status

‘Deceased’ status

This status indicates that the patient is dead. The status is available in all organisations and cannot be removed or renamed.

‘Inactive’ status

This status indicates that the patient is no longer active in your organisation. That means that there are no teams and no individuals who are responsible for the patient.

You cannot manually set a patient’s status to ‘Inactive. This is done automatically if a patient is discharged from the only team.

You will not see the ‘Inactive’ status on a Team View. It is only visible as a filter on the My Organisation page.

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