What is an ‘Administrator’?

An administrator is a type of user who has additional privileges.

Administrators can undertake the functions of a Team Owner within all teams, as well as additional functions, listed below.

Administrators are not required to be a member of any team – although they can be either Team Members or Team Owner. If they are a member or owner of a team, those teams will be listed in the left hand menu. Administrators can access other teams from with the Teams page.

You can become an administer in one of two ways

  1. An administrator promotes you to the role within the My Organisation Members tab
  2. You are invited by an administrator to join the organisation as an administrator.

You can lose administrator privileges in two ways

  1. You are demoted to a staff member by another administrator within the My Organisation Member tab
  2. You are disabled by another administrator

Additional administrator functions

The Administrator can undertake the following functions: