What is a ‘Team’?

Teams are where patients and users meet

A team is a collection of patients and a collection of users. In this context users are called ‘team members’. The team is responsible for the patient. The patients are being cared-for by that team. At all times, at least one member of the team is responsible for the patient.

A user can be a member of many teams a patient can be cared for by many teams. This many-to-many relationship in CAREFUL gives the system much of its flexibility and power.

When a patient is discharged from a team, then the team members no longer have access to that patient’s information (until that patient may be readmitted to that team).

The Team View is where teams manage their patients

If you are a member of a team, then that team’s name will appear on the left hand menu. Clicking on that team name will bring up the Team View. This shows all the patients and team members, as well as the team’s log page and the list of actions for patients in that team.

All team members can see all the information for all the patients who are being cared for by that team.

More information on the team view can be found here

Team owners have additional privileges

Certain team members are designated as ‘team owners’ who have additional privileges within the team to add and remove other users.

More information about the team owner functions can be found here.