What is a ‘Risk Flag’?

Risk Flag allows users to quickly identify patients at risk

Each patient may be assigned a ‘Risk Flag’ in CAREFUL, along with a description of that risk.

Risk flags are designed for organisations as general warning signs.

The Risk Flag can be:

  • Red
  • Amber
  • Green – or
  • Not set

If it is set to Red, Amber or Green users can enter a textual description of why the flag is set that way.

For instance:

  • a user may set the flag to Red and add a reason “Unstable” (see example below)
  • a user may set the flag to Amber and add the reason “Need to watch”

The flag is shown on the patient profile page and also in the summary demographics in the team view. The flag is visible to administrators in the My Organisation view.

Example of a Red risk flag with a reason shown

The flag is set or changed from the patient profile view

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