What is a ’Location’?

Location is ‘physical location in space’

In CAREFUL, the location field in the patient profile is designed to hold information about the physical location of the patient. That is their ‘current location in space’ (see below)

The ‘Location’ field in the patient profile

For instance, if a patient is moved from the ward to the radiology department for a CT scan, then their location can be updated to show where to find them.

Location can therefore be used for tracking patients physically throughout their journey.

It is possible then to use RFID transmitters along with the CAREFUL API to automate this.

How do I record which bed a patient is assigned to?

Although it is possible to use location for “Bed” or another designated resource, we recommend that the administrator set-up an organisational field to monitor which bed is in use by which patient.

This can also be read and written from CAREFL automatically using the CAREFUL.

See also: How to change a patient’s location

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