What is a ‘Handover’?

Handover transfers responsibility and actions to another user

Handover is a key concept in CAREFUL.

Handover is designed to transfer responsibility for the patient, along with any outstanding actions quickly and seamlessly from one user to another.

Note: Handover and handoff are the same thing

In some countries and organisations, handover is sometimes referred to as ‘handoff’ or as ‘sign-out’. We use ‘handover’ consistently in this documentation, but you may see ‘handoff’ if you are using CAREFUL in a country where ‘handoff’ is more commonly used.

A handover is not complete until it is accepted by the receiving user

A successful handover involves three steps:

  • The sending user selects a patient or group of patients
  • The Handover is sent by the sending user
  • The handover is then accepted by the receiving user

The handover can be rejected by the receiving user – in which case the handover is not completed.

The handover can be cancelled by the sending user – in which case the handover is not completed.

There are three ways to select patients for handover

You can select patients for handover in three ways:

See also the handover section of the support guide

You can send multiple handovers, but not for the same patient.

A patient can only be handed-over from one user to one other another. If you try to handover a patient a second time, you will receive an error.

If you are a member of two teams, you can send a handover request for the patients in one team to one colleague and the patients from another team to another colleagues.

You can receive multiple handovers, including for the same patient

If you are sent a handover request for a patient and accept, you can receive another handover request from another user for the same patient.

The reason this is important, is that this can consolidate actions from many users to a single user. For instance, a patient may have many people looking after them during the day and only one person at night. Each day-shift team member can ‘send’ the patient a handover to the night-shift team member, which will include their actions.

When they are all sent, the night-shift team member will have all the actions from all the day-shift team members.

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