What are ‘Active’ and ‘Inactive’ patients?

An active patient is being cared for by at least one team in your organisation and, therefore, by at least one user.

Active patients have a status which is defined by the organisation – or they may be designated as having ‘No Status’.

All active patients are visible from the patents tab in the ‘My Organisation’ view. By default, no ‘inactive’ patients are visible.

All active patients will be visible in at least one team view and they will appear in the ‘My Patients’ view for at least one user.

Discharging a patient from all teams makes them inactive

To make a patient inactive, it is necessary to discharge them from all the teams who are caring from them.

Inactive patients, by definition, do not have any teams or users who are responsible for the and there are no teams that are caring for them.

Inactive is not the same thing as ‘Discharged’

If your organisation has a status called ‘Discharged’, then a patient can be both Active and yet with have the status ‘Discharged’.

This makes sense if your quality team or an outpatient management team is managing a patient. In this case the patient may be at home and while still under active management.

Inactive is not the same thing as ‘Deceased’

‘Deceased’ is a special status that indicates that the patient has died. Until a patient is dished from all teams in your organisation, the patient remains an Active patient, even though they are deceased.

This makes sense, if your patient is still on the ward where they died, or they have been transferred to the Mortuary and are therefore under the care of the mortuary team.

Inactive patients are visible from the My Organisation Patient tab

Patients who are inactive, but are known to the organisation – ie those who have previously been Active, but have now been discharged from all teams – can be found by navigating to the My Organisation page and selecting the Patients tab.

By selecting “Inactive” from the drop-down filter on this page, all inactive patients can be viewed.

To make an inactive patient active they need to be readmitted

Inactive patients may be readmitted to a team in one of three ways

  1. From My Organisation Patients Tab
  2. From Add Patient button on the Main Menu
  3. From the Add Patient menu time on the Team View

You can only readmit a patient to a team if you are member of that team. This means that Administrators can not readmit patients to a team unless they are also a team member.

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