What are ‘Actions’?

Actions are tasks assigned to both a patient and a user

Actions represent a key concept in CAREFUL.

An action is a task that must be done for the patient. Taken together these actions for the overall care plan for the patient.

The user to whom an action is assigned must share a team with the patient. That is to say that it is ‘illegal’ in CAREFUL for an action to be assigned to a user who cannot be responsible for the patient.

During handover, actions are re-assigned, along with responsibility, from the user sending the handover request to the user who accepts that handover request.

An action has the following attributes:

  • The patient to whom it refers
  • The user to whom it is assigned
  • The Title of the action: short text summarising the action
  • The Description of the action: some longer text giving more details
  • The due date
  • The due time: if not set, this defaults to ‘the end of the day’
  • The status, based on the due date: Open, Soon, Overdue and Closed
  • Progres Notes
  • Attachments

Actions are created individually from the patient profile page

There are two places to create an action

  1. From the patient profile menu
  2. From the button on the patient profile action tab

Actions can be reassigned or closed but not edited

After an action has been created, the action is not editable. This is a security measure to ensure that actions are not changed after the event.

Users can document progress against an action

Before an action is closed, progress notes can be entered against the action. Progress notes include both a text update as well as associated documents (attachments)