Using the Main Menu (sidebar)

The main menu navigates between the key pages in CAREFUL.

  1. User Profile (by clicking in the name of the user)
  2. My Organisation
  3. My Patients
  4. Teams page
  5. Individual Teams Views (list of my teams
  6. My Actions
  7. Handovers
  8. Settings
  9. Add Patient button

On desktop machines, the menu is expanded at all times.

On Tablet view, the menu is collapsed by default. It an be expanded by clicking on the ‘hamburger’ menu. It is still possible in Tablet view to select from the main menu.

In mobile view, the menu is invisible by default and must be made visible using the ‘hamburger’ menu

Expanded main menu (default for desktop view)

Collapsed Main Menu (Default Tablet View)

Collapsed Mobile Menu

Expanded Mobile Menu

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