Context Menus (Kebab Menus)

Context Menus look like three stacked dots

Context menus allow the suer to perform actions on either a single object or a list of objects.

They look like this

A context menu – also called a ‘Kebab” menu

When the context menu is in the top right hand corner, it operates on the list context

When the context menu is at the end of a row, it operates on the item in the row

When context menu’s are clicked, they create a drop-down menu

A drop-down menu activated by a context menu

The content of menus are context sensitive

The context menus do not contain items that are unavailable in this context or for this user (there are no ‘greyed-out’ items)

Context menus on mobile have some differences

The context menus on mobile in the top right corner are smaller and are white on black. Like this:

End-of-row menus are activated by tapping the row content.

Context menu items are displayed as a splash. Like this: