What is ‘Responsibility’?

Responsibility identifies which teams and users are caring for a patient right now

Responsibility is a key concept in CAREFUL

Whenever a patient is active in your organisation, they must be cared for by:

  • at least one user, and
  • at least one team

‘Responsibility’ means that a user or a team is caring for that patient.

For a team to be responsible for a patient, there must be at least one team member who is responsible for that patient.

This means that patient are never listed in a Team View unless at least one team member has responsibility for them.

CAREFUL makes sure that a patient is only visible in the system if at least one team is caring for them.

You can see which patients you are responsible for in the My Patients view.

You can see which patients a team is responsible for in the Team View.

A patient can be the responsibility of many teams and many users.

Taking responsibility .

You take responsibility for a patient in one of several different ways

  1. Accepting a handover from another user
  2. Accepting a referral from another team
  3. Adding a patient to a team
  4. Taking responsibility for a patient within the team view
  5. Taking responsibility for all patients in a team
  6. Taking responsibility for another user’s patients within a team (also called ‘forced handover’)

Relinquishing responsibility

You can relinquish responsibility in one of two ways

  1. Sending handover to anther user which they then accept
  2. Relinquishing responsibility for a patient within the team view
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