My Patients page

The My Patients page shows the list of patients for whom you are responsible

My Patients is selected from the Main Menu

In this view, you can see a summary list of all your patients.

Example My Patients View

You can do the following things within this view

  1. Select a patient — by tapping or clicking anywhere on that patient’s information. This takes you to the patient profile
  2. Scroll up and down to find a patient — using arrow keys, mouse or page-up or page-down keys
  3. Show/Hide clinical summaries — by ticking / un-ticking the button at the top of the page
  4. Sort the list — by clicking on the headings for Name (family / surname ), location or status
  5. Search by name — by typing in the partial name into the search box
  6. Filter by status — by selecting from the drop-down menu
  7. Handover all my patient — by selecting from the context menu