How to request that your user data is deleted

CAREFUL does not provide an automatic way to delete your user data, since the historical context of which you, as a user, modified patient data is vital for patient safety and storing remains necessary for the purposes of GDPR regulations, in particular to satisfy the needs of patients making subject-access requests.

Please note that all your mobile phone number, which you use for login, is NOT visible to other users.

If you with, you can change your name, email address and phone number to any “dummy” value in order that these are removed from view (Note that Careful will retain the record of the changes).

You can also ask your administrator to disable your account, which prevents further access by you, and also removes your details from the view of non-administator users.

If, as a user, you would like CAREFUL to retrospectively remove all data relating to your use of the platform, then please send an email to:

and our team will ensure that further steps are taken, in compliance with relevant data protection law.

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