How to invite a new user

Only a Team Owner or Administrator can invite a new user

Inviting a new user into the organisation involves sending an invitation, via SMS, to that user. As a Team Owner, you must select a team into which the user will be added. Administrators can add new users, but without selecting a team. 

1) As a Team Owner

Navigate to the team into which you wish to invite the user.

Select “Add user to team” from the Team Menu

Click the button entitled “Invite them now”

2) As an administrator

Navigate to My Organisation, from the Left hand menu

Select “Invite User” from the context menu

Fill-in the dialogue box with the:

  •     First Name
  •     Last Name
  •     Phone Number
  •     Team Role (Team owner / staff)

Administrators will also be able to assign administrator access and to assign to a particular team.

Selecting the tick-box marked “Invite another after save” will bring-up the dialogue box again, to make it quicker to adding multiple users 

Click Submit

An SMS will be sent to the number entered

That phone number can be changed according to How to Change a User’s Phone number”

The invitation can be resent or cancelled