How to Filter Patients in Your Team by Status

Use the drop-down menu to filter patients by Status

Filtering is available in

  • My Patients
  • Team View
  • My Organisation View

The screenshots below shows the position of the filter drop-down menu in desktop and mobile.

When you choose a status from the dropdown, the list will only show only those patients with that status.

To return to see the full list, choose the “Active” status at the top of the drop-down menu

Active patients are those with any statuses (including “no status”) who are therefore not inactive. See here for more information about active and inactive patients

Filter menu on mobile in a Team View

The drop-down menu will reflect the statuses in your organisation. See here for more information about statuses.

Here is an example of a drop down menu.

Note there are several special statuses that will be on every list:

  • Active
  • No Status
  • Deceased

in the My Organisation View, you will also see:

  • Inactive

Active is, as described above, all statuses (including “no status”). “No Status” means the status has not been set. Deceased is a special status that is common to all organisations. “Inactive” means patients who are not currently under the care of any team.