How to edit organisational fields

  1. Navigate to ‘Organisational view’ by clicking on ‘Organisation’ in the left-hand menu to display all of your patients within a single organisation.
  2. Edit organisation status: Each organisation has its own set of statuses. Each status corresponds to the potential status of patients within the organisation. Click on the context menu in the top right-hand corner to open options for editing organisational statuses. Click ‘edit organisational status’ to view the available options.
  3. Current statuses: Permanent statuses are visible, with the option to add more. To add a new status, enter the name into the textbox and select the blue + sign.
  4. New status: Once a new status has been added, click the green tick to confirm it.
  5. Status colour coding: Once set, a status can be colour-coded for easy identification. To colour code a status, click the grey – sign and scroll through the colours to select the one you want.
  6. Deleting organisational fields: You can delete existing organisational fields by clicking the red trash can icon. However, please note that this will affect all patients who are currently assigned that status.