Different CAREFUL instances

CAREFUL is hosted on Microsoft Azure with data resident in your country, dependent on where you signed-up, or where your hospital or healthcare institution is located.

There are two instances of CAREFUL:

  1. The PRODUCTION instance
  2. The DEMO instance

You can tell which instance you are using by looking in the top right hand corner of the screen at the instance indicator.

The PRODUCTION instance

The PRODUCTION instance is the place in which real patient data is stored. It is the definitive application and is the final version of any information that is stored about a patient in CAREFUL.

You can access the PRODUCTION instance at https://app.careful.online

You should be aware that any and all changes that you make to data here is recorded against the patient and is visible to you and your colleagues from within the audit log.

The DEMO instance

The DEMO instance is the place where you can undertake your training.

It is used used for demonstration purposes by the CAREFUL team. No real patient data is stored in the DEMO instance. It is a test application and al information that stored in DEMO is transitory, and may be destroyed and over-written at any time. The data in DEMO does NOT relate to real patients.

You can access the DEMO instance at https://app.demo.careful.online

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