Dialog Boxes

Dialogue boxes allow for for data entry or decision-making

Dialog boxes – sometimes called ‘pop-ups’ or ‘modals’ – provide the user with a series of questions, or buttons in which to enter information or choose a course of action.

A data-entry dialogue box.

All Dialogue Boxes in CAREFUL have a ‘close’ cross in the top right hand corner.

For safety dialogue boxes can only be dismissed using the X button.

The ESCAPE key does not dismiss the dialogue box. This is to preserve the accidental loss of data that you may have entered.

All dialogue boxes have an ‘action’ button (often labelled “Submit”) at the bottom.

Dialogue boxes may also allow for decision-making or warnings.

Dialog boxes may also allow you to choose between “yes and no’ during important processes or when a decision may have significant consequences (e.g. like discharging a patient from a team).