Free during COVID-19 pandemic

CAREFUL is free to use during the COVID-19 pandemic

Posted 26th January 2021

On 11th March 2020, the WHO declared a pandemic which has subsequently engulfed our world.

The surge in patient numbers throughout the world has put health systems, and hospitals in particular, under incredible strain.

Our secure and confidential system is designed specifically to help organisations track and manage patient flow – and is delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS). It is therefore accessible throughout the world, wherever there is WiFi or a 4G connection and a mobile device.

We believe that in many of those health systems – especially those in Low and Middle Income countries – the strain of increased patient flow could be seriously mitigated by the use of our system. We have therefore taken the view that our system should be made available to help our colleagues fight this pandemic, while the situation lasts.

As our contribution to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering the CAREFUL platform FREE FOREVER for any organisations that signs-up between now and the end of the pandemic*

Our normal pricing is £10 per user per month. We will not charge this to any organisation that signs-up during the offer period – even after the pandemic ends.

To find out how our system works, please:

Or , to start using the system immediately:

Finally – if you’re not quite ready – please make an appointment to talk to us about what the system does and how it might help you:

[* To protect our business, it is necessary to say that we (Careful Systems Limited) reserve the right to modify, cancel and limit any promotion or offer absolutely. We also reserve the right to refuse to provide offers and/or promotions to particular individuals or organisations at our discretion. No warranties or guarantees whatever are made or implied by this offer.

Notwithstanding the necessary legal protection provided by the previous paragraph, we will honour any ‘free-forever’ clients that sign-up during the offer period. To take advantage of the offer, all users must acknowledge and abide by the End User Licence agreement when they first register and all teams and organisations must also agree to our Standard Data Sharing and Processing agreement when they sign-up.

For the avoidance of doubt, our definition of the “end of the pandemic” will be guided by the World Health Organisation but which we assume will be at a point when average global infection levels have fallen to manageable levels. We do not expect this to be before the beginning of 2023. ]