About us

CAREFUL brings people together in a trusted digital space to create safer, better healthcare.

CAREFUL repairs fragmented communication in healthcare and enables practitioners, patients and their families to collaborate safely over time and across boundaries to achieve the best outcomes.

Our aim is for every patient and every practitioner to use CAREFUL in order to improve radically how care is delivered.

We value accessibility, compassion, trust and evidence. Both as a company and as individuals, we aspire to be CAREFUL: Committed, Active, Responsive, Energetic, Focused, Uniform and Leading.


Our story

From the inspiration for a book to a global solution for healthcare improvement, discover the real-life experience behind the CAREFUL journey.

Our team

Meet the team of healthcare, IT and other specialists who together are behind the CAREFUL solution.

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Patient Safety: the CAREFUL view

We believe that patient safety is of paramount importance in healthcare

Clinical Handover: the CAREFUL view

Privacy and security are important to us. We take how we handle information very seriously.

Stressed doctor standing against wall in hospital
Side view of a stressed doctor standing against wall in hospital

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